The Funny thing is Progressives seem to look at Libertarians as the Anti Christ while republicans look as us with an inquisitive “uh, neat.”

I’ll rail on Republicans all night long for Bible Thumping and Control over Woman’s Bodies as well as everyone elses bodies who just want to injest some herb and watch Caprica.

Allow me to provide some further examples where Progressives and Libertarians also agree.

SS Marriage and Abortion rights – Absolutely agree
No Wars without a Congressional Declaration – Absolutely Agree
No Nation Building – Absolutely Agree
Repealing the Patriot Act and right to Privacy – Absolutely Agree
Ending the War on Drugs – Absolutely Agree
Ending Corporate Welfare – Absolutely Agree
Opposed to regulating Internet Pornography – Absolutely Agree

That Quote I gave you above was from Obama. Now if you were a 99% sign carrying progressive you would absolutely disagree with every word of it. but wait “can I really disagree with the president (bites bottom lip…Gulp).. Point is, you can disagree with an elected official of your caucus.

Was Ayn Rand a little nutty, Absolutely.

Did David Koch want to take it a little too far. Hell yes.

Even Ron Paul said during the 2012 Campaign if he were elected he wouldn’t just come into office and shut everything off because of the “bloodletting” would be too much.

But Regulation just as a feel good measure doesn’t solve problems, It just keeps Government Agents employed.